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This is a list in progress. We add new pump tracks as we discover them. If you know of one not on the list please tell us about it at

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Pump Track Map

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Buck Creek Northeast of Abilene. Small pump track at the trail. Supposed to be a really nice trail. Haven't tried either one, but hope to soon.


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Walnut Creek - on the north side of Austin about 6 miles south of Round Rock. The main line is very user friendly for all skill levels. Inside the main loop are some more challenging lines for those who prefer to get more air with their pump track experience. Great all-around track.

Directions: Depending on where you are coming from, you will probably either be coming east on Parmer Lane, or South on I35.  From Parmer (shown on the map as both Parmer and as FM 734), go east to Lamar, turn right on Lamar, go through one light (yegar lane), then turn into the park on the right.   From I35, you would typically take the Parmer lane exit, then turn left on Lamar.  However, the light at parmer and I35 gets really backed up with Christmas shoppers, so I suggest taking the Howard Lane exit (one exit before parmer), then stay on the service road to the light at Howard Lane.  As you go through that interesection, you essentially face a "V" - the left fork stays on the service road, the right fork puts you on Lamar.   Take the right fork to get on Lamar.  Go through the Parmer light, through the light at Yegar, then right into the park.

Once in the park: Here is a link with a trail map link at the bottom of the page: the main park road takes you up a hill, then there are parking lots on both sides.  Park there, then ride back down the hill (going back the way you drove in). 

The fastest/easiest way to the PT:  As you approach the bridge (before you cross it), take the trail to the left and take that trail all the way till you hit Old Cedar street, then go right, cross the bridge, then immediately right again on a trail.  Go about 50 yards, and you hit the "BMX loop" trail (marked #114 on the map)- go to the right and you will see the PT in about 40 yards.  

The longer way is to leave the parking lot, go down the hill (same as before), but cross the bridge, then about 50 feet past the bridge (marked #106 on the map), you will see a trail entrance into BMX loop - take that loop, and just keep following it till you see the PT on the left.    The PT is located on the BMX loop between the "114" and "113" on the map, close to Old Cedar street.

Map to Walnut Creek Park - Austin

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Located 30 miles northwest of San Antonio this Hill Country private reserve has some of the most beautiful mountain bike trails in the state of Texas. But, more importantly, RPR has a pump track patterned after the track at Whistler in British Columbia.

Map to Reveille Peak Ranch:

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Map to Pump Track at RPR:

Photos of Pump Track at Reveille Peak Ranch


Cedar Park

Elizabeth Milburn Park (not ridable as of 1/1/12)

Map to  Elizabeth Milburn Park:

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Milburn park images
Flickr Gallery: Milburn Pump Track


College Station

Map to Georgie K Fitch Park, College Station:

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Allied Compound Pump Track (Allied Compound Facebook Page)

Map to Allied Compound, Manor, Texas

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Faulkner Park Pump Track satellite image

Map to Faulkner Park, Tyler Texas

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Map to Riverside Park, Victoria Texas

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