Best Pump Track Bikes

You can ride any kind of bike on a pump track, but some work better than others. I started out on a Specialized S-Works FSR XC - that was a fail. The high seat post about sodomized me. 

I bought a Specialized P2 which worked better than the S-Works, but the chro-mo frame was very heavy. Really overbuilt for pump track use unless you have a line of jumps.

Finally, I discovered that the crew used a Giant STP 1, so I bought one. It was a game changer. The aluminum frame keeps it lighter than comparable steel bikes, so you don't have so much weight to push around the track (it does make a difference).

Then I decided to build up a bike for my daughter, so I upgraded my STP with Shimano SLX components & Avid BB7 brakes and put the SRAM components & Hayes brakes on a Haro Thread 8 frame. Marzocchi DJ1 fork, Azonic Outlaw wheel set & Maxxis Holy Roller tires. I love it. More "dirt jumpish" than the STP, but still a light aluminum frame (my daughter hasn't ridden it yet - but she does like the "pink stuff").


Decided to get a 29er to ride on the trails. After much research I decided on a Canfield Brothers Yelli Screamy. Surprisingly, I like it on my pump track better than any previous bikes. I think it's the best all around bike made. Buy a frame direct from the manufacturer here and build it up however you like.


My 14 year old son rides his 24" Specialized Hotrock hardtail that we bought for him when he was 8. Even though he is as tall as me, he likes the smaller bike because it is lighter and more maneuverable.

We got him a used 
Santa Cruz Chameleon for Christmas, 2011. He rides it most of the time now. He's still a little gun shy about the Specialized after he broke his arm riding it on the pump track on New Year's Eve. The Chameleon only weighs about 26 pounds, so it's still pretty light (at least for a pump track bike).

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